Marek Talpak

I am a freelance web developer specializing in WordPress.

My passion is solving business problems, by creating web applications for my clients.

I have been an entrepreneur for almost all my adult life. And it is over 25 years.

While ago I needed a web app for my own venture and could not find a company that would do the job with a reasonable price tag. Back then I wasn’t even thinking about freelancers.

So, I started learning web development to create a website on my own. In the process, I realized that it gives me the same zest as starting a new business. It was a turning point for my career. Since then I have done websites for my businesses and projects for clients.

Now my main business is being a freelance web developer.

I would be happy to start a new venture and find a solution to your business needs.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.



Marek Talpak