WordPress Development Services

Freelance WordPress Developer

Website Development

This service includes full website development from creating a design and delivering a fully functional website on the Internet.

You know that you need a website, but not sure where to start.

No worries,  you came to the right place. I will take care of all the complexity and deliver outstanding website based on your specifications. 

e-Commerce Solution

I will build an eCommerce solution that exceeds your customer’s expectations. A platform that leads to a smooth path from the first engagement to checkout.

In today’s fast-moving world it is important to minimize customers’ cognitive load and make the buying experience as simple as possible.

Design and content will go hand to hand to capture consistent engagement that turns visitors to customers.

WordPress Customization

Your WordPress theme can have a new look and advanced functionality.

Wordpress is the most popular CMS (content management system). And is promoted as “anybody with no programming skills can build and customize it”.

However, customizing WordPress does require experience and advanced planning. Without technical understanding and knowledge “how things work” it is very easy to brake a working website.

For your WordPress theme customization, hiring a freelance WordPress expert is probably a good idea.